What We Do

Platform Delivery

Based on clients’ specific requests, we are able to create and deploy platforms that are tailored to suit those needs. These platforms can range from multitenant application portals to identity verification software, but whatever the need, you can rest assured that EduTech is up to the task.

Student Aquisition

Through extensive market research, we are able to identify target audiences, craft campaigns that appeal to prospects and eventually convert them to paying studentson our platforms. Our robust operations ensure that prospective students have all the support they need to have a positive experience from the start.

Content Delivery

Our team is committed to creating and digitizing world-class content that will help create a rich learning experience for all end users. We also provide extensive facultytraining and support to ensure that they are comfortable teaching in the online environment and are able to create engaging course design.

Change Management

We recognize that we are currently at the dawn of the digital age and many institutions are at the stage of transition from analog to digital formats and processes. Our team is on-hand to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

Workforce Improvement

As an effective alternative to physical training, we are able to deploy our platforms to provide quality content to help upskill professionals. This can come in form of enterprise academies or simply serving as the bridge linking these professionals to degree-offering institutions worldwide.

Technical support

Our dedicated support team provides a breadth of services to support both studentsand course administrators every step of their interaction with our numerous platforms. We are available all through the workday to provide answers to pressing questions, and solutions to all issues.

EduTech is an innovative organization that keeps showing its strong focus on creating value by connecting knowledge providers to millions of eager Nigerians who are in need of these services. Through our partnership with EduTech, we are confident that CIBN will be placed in the league of modern Institutes with global reach.

Peter Ashade

Chairman CIBN Lagos Branch

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